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Environmental and Sustainability Projects at The Stonegallows Clinic 

Doing our bit...

As a small company we want to do our bit to reduce our negative impact on the environment. We are making small steps into becoming as environmentally friendly and sustainable as we can. If you see something in clinic that you think could be done better, please share your suggestion with us - we are always looking for new ideas and ways to move forward. 

Toilet Rolls 

We made a decision to convert from the usual store bought toilet paper to a more sustainable option. We switched to 'Who Gives a Crap' in early 2021.

Who Gives a Crap is a UK-based company that had a vision to help provide sanitary toilets across the globe after learning that nearly 40% of the world population do not have access to a good toilet. The products are 100% plastic free, recycled and carbon neutral.

Hand Soap 

There are lots of vegan, zero waste and sustainable hand soaps out there. At Ash Lodge, we are currently using a company called 'Faith in Nature' - a small family run company, started in 1974. They pledge to replant trees for each order made and have worked to 'close the loop' on all plastics they produce for products. 

If you have any suggestions of companies to try, let us know! Unfortunately we do need soaps in a pump bottle for hygiene reasons. However we refill or recycle these where appropriate. 

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